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Community Partner Live4Lali:

Safe needle exchange and harm reduction saves lives

Needle exchanges help keep people safe by cutting down the risks of such illnesses like HIV and Hepatitis C. They also provide people with opportunities to prevent overdoses including access to medications like naloxone (or NARCAN), access to primary care services or detox, and information on support groups.

Needle exchanges help keep people safe by cutting down risks and increasing access to NARCAN and other resources.

In addition, staff can help patients enter treatment facilities and connect patients to medication-assisted treatment programs. Offering harm reduction services is the START of caring for those who inject substances – not the end.

Learn more about Harm reduction and Safe needle exchange.

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This post is an excerpt of a post by

Toni Steres,

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse,

Lake County Health Department

and was written by Live4Lali.

Visit the full post HERE.

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