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Let's Talk Consent

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

What does consent mean to you? What does consent look like in our everyday lives? Why is the concept of consent important? These are some of the questions that shape our perspectives around what consent is and what it is not. Consent Laws regarding sexual behavior vary from state to state, and many people are unfamiliar with what it *actually means* to give and receive consent.

Consent is about communication, boundaries, and respect

Consent is about communication, boundaries, and respect. This information can be communicated in a variety of ways.The acronym we like to use when talking about consent is FRIES.

Freely Given: This decision CAN NOT be determined by anyone who is pressured, coerced, or under the influence of any substances that have the ability to impair their cognitive thinking skills.

Reversible: Anyone can withdraw their consent at any moment and have the ability to change their mind at any time before, during, or after the activity.

Informed: The individual should know exactly what is expected of them. This step requires honesty and full disclosures of information pertaining to the activity.

Enthusiastic: If an individual is not excited, energetic, and feeling good about it, it is not consensual.

Specific: Although an individual may have agreed to one thing, it does not mean they agree to all things. This decision should be as informed as possible, and the individual should be knowledgeable of everything that is expected of them.

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