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Substance Use Recovery During COVID-19 Social Distancing

COVID-19 has presented many unique challenges and opportunities to how Americans work and connect with others in their community. Adapting to an everyday life that is now “stay-at-home” based is an obstacle for many, but the opportunity to make strides in your recovery journey still exists.

Overnight successes are generally years in the making. And most progress is made in isolation, far from the public eye.” - Andrew Yang

Many substance use recovery organizations are adapting the ways in which they provide services to community members. Some have begun conducting virtual peer-support recovery meetings, whereas others continue to provide services in-person but with added measures to ensure cleanliness and safety. Below is a list of some recovery resources that are available online for people to access during this time:

In addition to utilizing these organizations, there are a number of strategies individuals can use to aid in their recovery journey during this difficult time. Below are a few examples:

  • Create a daily schedule that allows you to be productive and engage in healthy habits during your time at home.

  • Make your home a safe space by getting rid of any alcohol, drugs, or other harmful substances.

  • Create a journal where you write down your thoughts and feelings to help reduce the anxiety of being at home all the time. This can include goals, things you’re grateful for, or even poetry. Whatever helps you!

  • Find a hobby, a show to watch, or another activity that interests you. Distracting yourself from potential urges you may experience will help to pass time throughout the day.

At Kenneth Young Center, we recommend all clients to seek guidance from local, state, and federal leaders to best protect themselves and others from risk of exposure to the coronavirus. For the most up to date information, please visit:

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