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Too Good for Drugs Curriculum Implementation

Written by Monica Del Ciello

Too Good for Drugs is a curriculum developed by the Mendez Foundation that teaches social emotional and substance use prevention skills. During the past few years, Kenneth Young Center staff members have enjoyed delivering the curriculum to 6th and 7th graders at Grove, Holmes, and Friendship Junior High Schools in CCSD59. Staff meet with students during their P.E. class twice a week and teach one of ten lessons in the curriculum, which range from decision making and peer pressure refusal strategies, to information about alcohol and prescription medications.

Kenneth Young Center staff also support the implementation of the curriculum at Elk Grove High School, where the P.E. instructors teach the curriculum for their students once a week. Now that students are learning online, the Mendez Foundation has gathered activities from their lessons that foster the development of important skills and can be completed at home. Check them out here!

Recently, KYC received an expansion of this programming to schools in Hanover Township and Bloomingdale Township. Staff are currently collaborating with Streamwood High School, Bartlett High School, Lake Park High School and Spring Wood Middle School on potential implementation of the Too Good For Drugs curriculum next school year.

We miss being able to work so closely with the schools and students and hope we can return in the Fall!

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