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#What’sYourReason Poster Campaign, in local high schools

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

The “What’s Your Reason” communication campaign is designed by the state of Illinois to encourage high school students to think about the reasons as to why they do not engage in underage drinking.

The ultimate goal of this campaign is to reduce the 30-day alcohol usage rates among teens in 9th - 12th grade.

In order to relay this message, posters like the one above are posted in all D211 high schools, as well as Elk Grove High School monthly. This campaign can also be a great conversation starter if you would like to start talking to your teen about underage drinking prevention!

Ask your teen if they have seen these posters in their school and what their reasons are to abstain from alcohol use while underage. Looking for guidance on how to start conversations about underage drinking with your teen?

For more information on Substance Use Prevention Services (SUPS) in your school visit, or contact Michelle Barron at

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