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Community Youth Services

The Community Youth Services (CYS) grant focuses on engaging youth and young adults (ages 11-24) in the prevention of youth violence and delinquency.


Target Areas: Our target areas are the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.


Our program's initiative is to reduce the rate of youth violence and delinquency among youth and young adults within our service area by:


• Increasing community engagement

• Increase youth involvement in decisions about community services

• Increase youth connection to employment

• Increase in family communication

• Increase in life skills development

• Increase in preparation to continue to college in high demand career fields

• Improve the physical environment in local schools


LGBTQ+ Center

The purpose for our LGBTQ+ Center is a way for teens and young adults to express themselves freely. Some LGBTQ+ individuals who attend are not out or able to express themselves in every area of their lives so the center gives them a safe place to be themselves.

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