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In Bloom: the Garden of Your Potential!

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

By Liv Metsa, CCPRD Project Associate

The harvests of our successes from 2020 may seem limited as we’ve adapted to a new world while still working to maintain our well beings, manifesting our dreams throughout. Moving into the bright promises of 2021, however, we mustn’t only set resolutions pertaining to our personal realities but, rather, reframe the meaning of reality itself! If there is anything 2020 taught us collectively, we learned that we have no control over the truth, only our response to such. Integrating such wisdom into our more than simply our reflections of this past cycle but more so the projections of our next, this upcoming year challenges us to practice gratitude regardless of circumstance in order to cultivate our very own heaven on Earth… with fresh soil and a bright sun after a storm of nurturing rain, what seeds will you plant?

As we encompass another revolution around the sun of blurry uncertainty but also endless potential, we kindly invite you to explore the power you have within by journaling your values and priorities, breathing intentionally through meditation, practicing your grounding exercises, and visualizing your reality as you would have it be! Focusing your energy into what brings you peace and elation now ultimately channels such high vibrations into your interpretation of the rest of your life; remember that progress is not in the results but within the process itself. We may only perceive a budding stem yet there is a jungle of roots beneath the surface. If we are to reflect upon the past, we must honor the work we have accumulated thus far. And if we are to envision the future, we must paint such with the infinite promise of our dreams. The present is a delicious crisp apple, even if it is not ripe for the picking yet!

As we plant our seeds of inspiration and cultivate these dreams with unconditional love, the universe provides us the space to breathe in the positivity of our reapings while we exhale such compassion back to the harvest itself; remember that plants grow accordingly to how we talk to them! Ask yourself what the natural world offers you to soothe your anxiety instead of substance use, such as a walk through the forest with your animal friends or a warm bath with lavender-scented candles burning. Challenge your mental programming to schedule your days differently than how you have before, perhaps prioritizing a thirty-minute break to stretch rather than check social media. Invite your health to join you on a journey through acceptance by creating art without a purpose or end vision, simply expressing yourself vulnerably, rawly, and unconditionally without expectation. 2020 has been a year of breaking old patterns, raking out the weeds; now we are provided the opportunity of fresh soil to set new ones that benefit the garden at large, starting with ourselves!

With ever-growing roots, a seedling of pure intention, and all the space in the world to grow, we have a whole garden of souls expanding with us, our roots intertwining as we more than explore but beautify the world! Remember that after every storm, the sun will shine again. With the downfall of rain, the harvests beam that much brighter. Just as your dreams are endless, as is your potential. Tend to the garden of your mind with the love you cultivate in the world, dancing through the fields of growth against the sunset of your goals. Find peace in the organic blessings of the universe: valuing restful solitude over toxic companionship, the fulfilling vital life source of water rather than the escape of alcohol, or a breath of fresh air instead of another episode. Your decisions define your reality… you are in control of how your plant rises!

As we forgive ourselves for the pains of choices in the past, or even the ones to come, we water our soil with purity as we reframe our mindsets to match the dreams we cultivate. Each moment is space to grow into our highest stems, nutrients to fertilize our roots deeper, sunshine to photosynthesize into our own positivity. Every breath is a new opportunity, supported by the universe… as you inhale truth, what will you exhale back into the Earth? What plants are you cultivating and what do your seeds need to grow? Your mind is a garden and its potential endless, nurture it with compassion and light. Tend to yourself as you would the Earth. Reach for the clouds with your stems and never stop basking in the sunlight that guides it!

A fun practice to achieve your goals as well as sustain positivity in our health is to perceive life as your own personal movie, with you as the main character! What type of movie is your life? Comedic, dramatic, romantic, all of the above? What is the plot and how do you evolve as the main character? What is the overall meaning to take away from your movie? When we more than personalize but conceptualize our reality, we inherently promote sustainability throughout our lifestyle, choosing healing over toxic alternatives. Value yourself as the main character of your movie and you will realize that every element of your experience is here to serve you in your journey through love!

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